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    Bed Bugs Control

    Our Pest Control Plan will shut down cockroaches and other pests, and our advanced solutions adapt with seasonal pest activity to give you year-round protection. Guaranteed.

    Service Overview

    The bed bug is a type of insect that feeds only on the blood of warm-blooded mammals, with people being their favourite hosts; if people are not available, they may feed on other animals, including our pets. Bed bugs are prolific pests worldwide and found in every state across Malaysia. They are especially problematic in urban areas where large numbers of people come and go and are in close contact with each other daily. Bed bugs are notoriously hard to detect and can be challenging to remove. With Sri Pest Control, we’ll discreetly help you eliminate these pests and get back to a good night’s sleep.

    How Our Bed Bug Solutions Work

    • Our technician performs an extensive inspection of your home, including beds, furniture, and linens.
    • We remove visible bed bugs and treats the area to eliminate any hidden bed bugs and their eggs.

    Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

    Bed bugs bite in order to feed, producing raised, itchy welts that may lead to a secondary infection with excessive itching that requires medical attention. They are not known for spreading diseases but can harbour some disease-causing pathogens. In addition to posing health risks, bed bugs are prolific breeders and quickly establish large populations wherever they end up. Their excrement and feeding habits cause staining on walls, floors, fabrics, and upholstery, and a strong, musty door may develop wherever there are large numbers of bed bugs.


    Before we begin, we’ll provide a series of bed bug treatment preparation steps, such as removing bedding. We’ll perform a thorough inspection to help us determine the best treatment for your unique needs. From there, bed bug elimination tactics are employed.

    About 3 to 5 business days later, we’ll follow up to determine whether there is continued bed bug activity*. If no bed bug activity is found, your service is completed. If bed bug activity is found, we’ll schedule a re-inspection and re-treatment appointment.

    How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs In The Future?

    In addition to our residential pest control and commercial pest control service offerings, our professionals recommend the following tips:

    • Change and wash bedding weekly and inspect mattresses and box springs for signs of bed bugs.
    • Always inspect your hotel room for signs of bed bugs before bringing luggage inside.
    • Immediately wash and dry any new clothes on a high heat cycle.
    • Keep your home free of clutter where bed bugs like to hide.
    • Vacuum your floors regularly.
    • Place bed bug proof covers on all mattresses and box springs.
    • Do not purchase used mattresses, box springs, and furniture for your home.
    • After traveling, wash your clothing on the highest heat settings the fabrics can handle.
    • When out in public, or at work or school, keep personal belongings away from other people’s belongings and up off of the ground.

    With more than 21 years of industry-leading experience, our reviews speak for our quality of work. Our customers know that they can count on us to make sure zero mosquitos when we leave.

    Expert Employee

    We take training and certification very seriously. All of our staff and technicians take part in online, classroom, and in-field training.

    Pest Modern Technology

    We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the industry’s latest techniques, as well as environmentally friendly methods of pest extermination to protect your home, family, and pets. Our extermination technicians are all licensed and certified.

    While some cleaning companies use rotating cleaning plans, we’re equipped to clean your entire house every time we arrive for service. However, just because we can doesn’t mean we have to. We’ll work with your cleaning preferences in addition to your schedule to ensure your needs are prioritized accordingly and we provide a consistent, top-quality clean every time.

    Ready to service your facilities

    Each pest problem is unique and requires a skilled hand to remedy it. We stay current with the latest technology and practices in the pest control industry. Our technicians attend annual training conferences to learn about the latest in news, techniques, and laws pertaining to pest control. Whether you need pest control maintenance or rodent control services, we are equipped to remove your unwanted guests.

    Call us, we’ll start with your address and zip code, so we know where we’ll take control of these bugs. We’ll ask for your email address and phone number, so we can get in touch with you for any questions. Don’t worry; we won’t share your information with anyone.