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    Cockroaches Control Service

    Cockroaches will never stop trying to get into your home for food, water and shelter. And since they’re nocturnal creatures adept at hiding, an infestation can get out of hand before you ever realize they’re in your home.

    Service Overview

    Cockroaches are filthy pests that spread deadly diseases, and they are tough to eradicate; furthermore, without making some changes to your home or business, they are likely to return. With three different species living in Malaysia, you not only need to know which type you’re dealing with, but which method of treatment is most effective in each case.

    Our Cockroach Control Process

    At Sri Pest Control, we have 21 years of experience treating American, German, and Oriental cockroach infestations. We understand the differences between the species and which treatment methods are necessary to help eliminate them. We also understand how important it is to spend time educating home and business owners on how to keep roaches out for good. This twofold approach to cockroach control ensures the best results!


    A thorough inspection is an important first step in the roach control process. It allows us to identify the type of cockroaches you’re dealing with, determine where they are spending their time, and figure out how bad the infestation is.

    We also use the inspection as an opportunity to educate you on changes to make to keep cockroaches out. Moisture problems, sanitation issues, and harbourage areas are all things that must be corrected in order to maintain an environment that is not conducive to a cockroach infestation. We will provide you with a detailed prep sheet that goes over everything you need to do before the treatment.


    We use two treatment methods to eliminate roaches. The first is baiting. We use a gel bait that placed in areas where we know the cockroaches spend time, travel, or eat. The bait not only works on the cockroach that comes into contact with it but also has a domino effect that allows it to kill other cockroaches that come in contact with that cockroach. Fogging is the other type of cockroach treatment we use; we spray a fogging agent to flush cockroaches out of their hiding spots, at which time we can destroy them.

    With more than 21 years of industry-leading experience, our reviews speak for our quality of work. Our customers know that they can count on us to make sure zero mosquitos when we leave.

    Expert Employee

    We take training and certification very seriously. All of our staff and technicians take part in online, classroom, and in-field training.

    Pest Modern Technology

    We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the industry’s latest techniques, as well as environmentally friendly methods of pest extermination to protect your home, family, and pets. Our extermination technicians are all licensed and certified.

    While some cleaning companies use rotating cleaning plans, we’re equipped to clean your entire house every time we arrive for service. However, just because we can doesn’t mean we have to. We’ll work with your cleaning preferences in addition to your schedule to ensure your needs are prioritized accordingly and we provide a consistent, top-quality clean every time.

    Ready to service your facilities

    Each pest problem is unique and requires a skilled hand to remedy it. We stay current with the latest technology and practices in the pest control industry. Our technicians attend annual training conferences to learn about the latest in news, techniques, and laws pertaining to pest control. Whether you need pest control maintenance or rodent control services, we are equipped to remove your unwanted guests.

    Call us, we’ll start with your address and zip code, so we know where we’ll take control of these bugs. We’ll ask for your email address and phone number, so we can get in touch with you for any questions. Don’t worry; we won’t share your information with anyone.