Mosquito Control

Sri Pest Control Mosquito Service begins working immediately to reduce mosquito populations in your yard and keeps working for weeks to give you long-lasting protection.

Service Overview

Our mosquito control and removal services will ensure that your family can enjoy being outside without suffering the hassle of annoying mosquitos. Our goal is to provide you with the very best in mosquito control services at affordable prices. We offer single application treatments and seasonal programs.

Mosquitos often begin to crop up during the spring when the weather becomes warmer. They’re breeding needs to take place within water. They are universally hated around New York because they exist purely for blood sucking. We get many calls from homeowners in the area during the warmer months due to their annoying presence.

Inspecting For Mosquitos On Your Property

As an experienced outdoor pest management service, we know exactly where to look for mosquito breeding grounds and infestations. Mosquitos absolutely require standing pools of water in order to lay their eggs and these are some of the first places our technicians will tend to inspect on your property.

Why Should You Be Concerned With Mosquitos

As a homeowner, spending time outside with your family during the spring and summer could be very frustrating when you have the constant threat of mosquitos biting you. These bites inevitably trigger an allergic reaction which causes itching. As a business owner, why would you want your clients to avoid shopping at your store if there is a constant swarm of mosquitos buzzing around?

Besides being bitten and scratching your bites all day, mosquitos are a big concern in recent times due to disease such as dengue. There have been many incidents reported throughout Malaysia and this is just one of many insects borne diseases that are transmittable to humans via bites from Mosquitos.

What Attracts Mosquito To Your Yard:


Female mosquitos need the iron and protein in your blood to reproduce. That’s why they’re so intent on biting you. Once they have your blood, they just need somewhere to lay eggs.


Mosquitos breeding grounds can be anywhere with standing, stagnant water. This includes gutter, dog bowls, bird baths, and containers, such as bottle caps.


While you can do your best to minimize stagnant water on your property, you have no control over what your neighbors do. That’s why it’s important to have effective mosquito control.

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